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27.10.2017: New Book about the Danish Count Mogens Frijs

24.10.2017: Conference, University of Sheffield & Chatsworth “Powering the Power House”

24.10.2017: Call for Papers, Conference at Doddington Hall ‘Untold Stories of the Country House’

24.10.2017: Successfully completed ENCOUNTER Conference 2017 – A Manorial World

24.10.2017: Exhibition Awarded Gold Medal: Manors in the German-Polish Border Region.

24.10.2017: ERASMUS + Funding opens up Opportunities for International Partnership

24.10.2017: Call for Best Practices of Rural Estates in Europe, University College Ghent

23.10.2017: Call for papers. Conference, Maynooth University on ‘The Country House: Sport and Leisure’.

11.09.2017: Article about Ellys Manor House, Lincolnshire, England (The Wool Producer, Spring 2017)

04.09.2017: Conference: Home comforts. The physical and emotional meanings of home in Europe,1650-1900.  Manchester Metropolitan University, 5-6 October 2017

14.06.2017: ENCOUNTER conference – “A Manorial World”, Gammel Estrup, Denmark, September 21st-23rd 2017. OPEN FOR REGISTRATION.

14.06.2017: New Publication about Luxury and Taste in Early Modern Europe

14.06.2017: New Publication about the Castles and Manor Houses in the Baltic Sea Region

14.06.2017: Speciel Exhibition – Tracking Down Europe, Gammel Estrup, Denmark June 17th – October 22nd 2017

14.06.2017: Call for Papers – Conference “Home Comforts”, Manchester Metropolitan University, 5-6 October 2017.

14.06.2017: Conference – ‘The Country House Revived?’ Dublin Castle, June 19th-21st 2017

21.03.2017: Call for Papers – Seminar on Preventive Conservation in Historic Houses and Castle Museums

21.03.2017: Conference: ‘Rustic Retreats. Grottos and Hermitages in the 18th Century Garden’

21.03.2017: Exhibition – ‘Pückler. Babelsberg. The Park Enthusiast Prince and the Empress.’ Babelsberg Palace, April 29th-October 15th 2017

21.03.2017: New Book about Life in the Danish Country Houses 1850-1920

21.03.2017: New Book about Tin-Glazed Earthenware

03.01.2017: Call for Papers. ENCOUNTER international conference: A Manorial World

03.01.2017: Session at ESSHC 2018 BELFAST: The European Country House (1880-2000)