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20.12.2016: Publication of the accounts from the Danish fiefdom of Hald

20.12.2016: 3D-models of the Count’s residence in Larvik, Norway

23.11.2016: Dr. Jonathan Finch as a visiting researcher at Gammel Estrup, Denmark

27.09.2016: Interdisciplinary workshop in York examined the Northern European Country House

27.09.2016: Project Update: The National Trust & Oxford University Trusted Source Partnership

27.09.2016: New publication: Framing the View: How to understand landscape, heritage and identity

27.09.2016: Letters of countess nominated for UNESCO International Memory of the World Register

27.09.2016: New book: Consumption and the Country House

27.09.2016: Sound Heritage in historic houses

22.06.2016: Opening of four restored and redecorated rooms at Gammel Estrup – the Manor Museum

22.06.2016: Estates and estate landscapes in the worldwide scientific debate on the IPHS conference

22.06.2016: Interpreting the diversity of Danish manors and country houses

22.06.2016: Manors in the German-Polish border region. The mutual cooperation of heritage authorities across the border

22.06.2016: Danish and Swedish manors and country houses online

22.06.2016: Visioning the Landscape – Temple Newsam 1622-1922

22.06.2016: Heritage and Public History in Northern Ireland

15.04.2016: Capability Brown Programme

15.04.2016: Estonian Manor Schools

15.04.2016: Partnership between National Trust and Oxford University

15.04.2016: Exhibitions at Preussian palaces

06.04.2016: RECS – research partnership

23.02.2016: IPHS conference 2016 in Delft

23.02.2016: Updates from the University of Groningen

23.02.2016: Elaine Chalus, new position at University of Liverpool

23.02.2016: Cultural tourism as a resource for manorial heritage and history

23.02.2016: Book title: Country Houses: Material Culture and Consumption

23.02.2016: Capability Brown and Royal Gardens conference

23.02.2016: The Ironmasters’ mansions 1700-1900

23.02.2016: New times in old manors – innovations, urbanization and societal change

05.01.2016: Call for panel discussion on estates and the landscape.