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New Book about Life in the Danish Country Houses 1850-1920


Signe Boeskov

Herregård og herskab

Distinktioner og iscenesættelser på Nørre Vosborg og Hvedholm 1850-1920

2017, 363 pp.

ISBN 978-87-635-4144-2 

Language: Danish





The book explores self-presentation and self-perception among Danish estate owner families in the period 1850-1920. It studies communication and manifestation of different kinds of social status and cultural characteristics that made estate owner families stand out as a distinctive group. Two Danish estates and their master families form the main cases and provide the majority of the examples used in the thesis.

A rich source material and the book’s many illustrations present the reader to life in the Danish country house at the time.

The book is available on the website of Museum Tusculanum Press

For more information about the book contact: Signe Boeskov,