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A Manorial World
Gammel Estrup – The Manor Museum, Denmark
September 21st-23rd 2017

We wish to invite you to come and share your passion and present your research and results to an international community of academics, curators and experts. The conference offers an opportunity to meet and connect with professionals and connoisseurs and to engage in discussion about the current issues in the field of European manors and country houses.

A Manorial world

Manors and country houses were for centuries a fundamental characteristic of European societies. Notwithstanding national and regional differences across Europe, manors and country houses were in most countries an economic, administrative and political cornerstone in society.

Historical processes towards democratization have pushed the manors and country houses towards the periphery, but still manors and country houses occupy an important position in society, not least in the public memory and the heritage sector. They continue to capture the imagination of tourists and visitors, as well as the scholarly interest from researchers from a wide range of academic fields such as history, architecture, archaeology, art history, anthropology, geography, and heritage studies.

The ENCOUNTER conference
The conference will examine transnational similarities and differences in the historic role, the management and the functions of manors and country houses, as well as the present-day influence and use of estate landscapes. Not just the grand estates but all manors and country houses, large and small, have had a notable influence, and they still play an important role in the physical outline as well as the identity of place in contemporary European rural communities.

The conference will bring together curators and academics with an ambition to expand and nuance the notion of manors and country houses as European cultural heritage. In order to encourage the interdisciplinary discussion among participants, the conference does not schedule parallel sessions – all presentations will be addressed to the assembled conference audience.

The conference programme includes two conference days and one excursion day with visits to outstanding country houses in Jutland.

Call for papers
Participants are invited to submit a short paper on original research and results on topics including, but not limited to, manors and country houses, parks and architecture, estate landscape, estate management and estate workers, organization and labour as well as ‘life in the family’ and in the house.

Submissions dealing with estate management and estate landscapes (individual estates, a combination of estates or whole regions), which historically operated ‘on the margins’, under unusual or very particular circumstances of landscape or labour force are encouraged.

Special attention is also given to developments in the 20th and 21st century. Papers examining developments in the past 100 years, the transformation processes into cultural heritage and/or visitor attractions, and the challenges and possibilities in conservation and management of contemporary manors and country houses are also encouraged.

Participants are invited to submit short papers to be presented orally at panel discussions at the conference. Time format is 15 min. + 5 min. discussion for short papers. Submissions for short papers must include a ½-1 page abstract.

Participants are also invited to submit suggestions for a discussion panel of a particular topic or geographical focus comprising several speakers/short papers by different researchers. Suggestions for discussion panels must include an abstract of no more than 1½ page, with a description of the topic and suggested speakers.

Transport and accommodation for the conference is not reimbursed for participants giving short papers.

Important dates
Submission deadline: March 1st, 2017

Acceptance notification due: April 3rd 2017

Final confirmation and programme due: May 1st, 2017

Early registration deadline: June 1st 2017

Conference dates: September 21st-23rd 2017

Practical Information
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Submissions or questions regarding the conference may be addressed to The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies, Gammel Estrup – The Manor Museum, Denmark:

Mikael Frausing, PhD
Academic secretary
T: +45 8795 0709

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