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sKBL International Summer School 2020


Akerendam, country house in the Amsterdam region. ©Rene W. Chr. Dessing.


The Dutch Castles, historic Country Houses & Rural Estates Foundation (sKBL) is pleased to announce the first edition of the sKBL International Summer School 2020. This Summer School takes place from Friday, the 3rd to Saturday, the 11th  of July 2020 and focuses on the many country houses in the Amsterdam region.

Although many people may not associate the Netherlands with beautiful castles, historic country houses and large-scale rural estates, hundreds of these are scattered throughout the Dutch landscape. sKBL was founded in 2014 to contribute to the preservation of this valuable heritage and the (international) exchange of knowledge about these monuments. sKBL also aspires to create an international network of connoisseurs and professionals, which can be of great value to Dutch castles, country houses and rural estates.

The sKBL Summer School 2020 is open for participants from outside the Netherlands who do research on topics that relate to the preservation and conservation of monumental heritage. Students are welcome as well. The (pilot) 2020 edition focuses on the historic country houses that were built between the 17th and 19th century around Amsterdam by many wealthy merchants and some aristocrats. The relationship between city and country will also be discussed. Participants will visit the city of Amsterdam and its country houses in Kennemerland, the Beemster Polder,‘s-Graveland and the area around the river Vecht.

A range of Dutch scholars, experts and researchers will contribute with lectures and guidance during the tours. Participants will acquire knowledge on the 17th and 19th century metropolis of Amsterdam and the rise of Dutch country house culture. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of the connection and interaction between Amsterdam and the historical parks and houses in the surrounding area. The program offers ample opportunity for discussion and reflection.

A minimum of 25 and a maximum of 40 persons can participate in the Summer School. In the admission assessment a Board of Governors ensures a well-balanced composition of the group. The language used during the Summer School is English. The fee amounts to € 2.450,00 and includes the accommodation with breakfast, most lunches and dinners, transfers by private coach, lectures and all entrance fees.

Additional information about the program and practicalities can be found on the website of sKBL

If you have any questions, please contact Lenneke Berkhout, secretary of the sKBL Summer School 2020, at