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Rote Liste – endangered German architectural monuments

Manor House Gentzrode. Phto: Marie Mamerow, 2020


With the Rote Liste (´red list´), the Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker (´German Association of Art Historians´) wants to help draw attention to all kinds of threats concerning monuments. By presenting selected examples of endangered monuments, we want to sharpen the understanding of the objects and show solutions. We are convinced that in these cases a decision could be made in favor of the monument.

In short portraits we want to present the objects and their values, which often unravel complicated situations and think of alternatives. Art historical expertise is an important building block – at the same time often outdated by political reality and outweighed by factors that lie far outside an art historical point of view.

Where decisions are taken against the obviously documented historical values ​​and potentials, we give the objects a voice and warn as a monumental conscience.



Manor House Gentzrode. Photo: Marie Mamerow, 2020




Link to “Rote Liste”, Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker

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