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New version of mapping all Danish manors


The site offers information on each of the more than 700 Danish manors – among other things about buildings, cultural environment and owners through the history of the manor.

 – Four maps showing all Danish manor houses today, in 1770, 1850 and 1900.

 – Information about 729 Danish manor houses in Danish

 – Information about selected Danish manor houses in English:





Visit the new and improved version of and find information about the more than 700 Danish manor houses! On November 30th 2018 the Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies at Gammel Estrup launched the new version of the popular website.

The site has existed since 2014 and is everyday visited by many Danish users with an interest in the history of the manors. The website navigation has been improved with the newly launched version and a thematic structure which brings the user deeper into the manorial world has been added. Last but not least, the site has had a much-needed facelift with a more updated layout.

The site offers different maps showing the Danish manors of today an earlier, presentations of all Danish manors in Danish and of selected manors in English.

Nørre Vosborg has been known and loved as the last great manor in Western Jutland. Read more:
Photo: Thorkild Fleng

The new version of the website is the first step in plan of the Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies to digitise and map manor houses in Denmark and Europe. The research centre is looking for European partners for mapping projects in the future. For expressions of interest or new ideas please contact the research centre at: