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New updates to the website


The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies has recently updated its website with information in Danish on servants employed at Danish manors. The site, which maps each Danish manor, now presents information on servants in every manor’s household together with the history of the manor, it’s building, surroundings etc. The data, which is based on the national census of 1787, is connected to each Danish manor mapped on the site and presents every manor with its servants including their position and function in the household. Later more information on servants will be added to the website for instance more national censuses.

This is part of The Danish Research Centre’s ongoing work on servants and households at Danish country houses. Behind the information presented at the website is a servant’s database which is being continuously worked and expanded upon. The goal of the database is to create and overview of the scale of households, their composition including job descriptions, age groups, married or unmarried employees and variations among households across the country as well variations and changes over time. The aim is to continue making the information public on the website

For further information regarding the website contact Søren Broberg Knudsen: