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New exhibition at Gammel Estrup The Danish Manor and Estate Museum: The manor house garden – for use and pleasure

Gammel Estrup orangeries. Photo: Gammel Estrup


Gammel Estrup, The Danish Manor and Estate Museum

June 28th – September 13th 2020


Denmark’s approximately 730 manor houses, scattered throughout the country, form one of the pillars of our shared cultural heritage. But while it is often the beautiful and pompous main buildings that catch the attention, the manors are far more than that. They are also large cultural environments and units that, in addition to the main building, previously consisted of an extensive production with home farm, meadows, fields, forests and, not least, fantastic gardens for both use and pleasure.


Greenhouse and the garden workforce at the manor Bregentved

In a new exhibition in Gammel Estrup’s orangeries, focus is on the history of the kitchen garden, orchard and greenhouses as well as on the many labourers who cared for the large gardens. Around 1900, the manors in Denmark were the largest workplaces of the local community and the setting for the lives of most people living in the countryside .







Greenhouses at the manor Gisselfeldt

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