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Editors: Steven Heyde and Sylvie Van Damme

Authors: Steven Heyde, Sylvie Van Damme, Bert de Roo and Stefanie Delarue

160 pages, 23 x 27 cm, paperback with dustjacket

Available 1 April 2022

The usual perception of historic estates is that they are conservative and static. Yet a select few of historic estates have now become leading innovators as they have been in the past. Common traits include being entrepreneurs as well as collaborators whom challenge the status quo. In doing so, they are unlocking refreshing ways of dealing with heritage and nature conservation, sustainable food production, social concerns, tourism, climate change and renewable energy. Few other enterprises demonstrate such a broad relevance towards the United Nationsʼ Sustainable Development Goals. They are, in short, showcases of integrative sustainability with multiple contributions to society.

Insightful and inspirational if not provocative, this book delivers an in-depth understanding of exemplary estates from Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as new prospects of hope for the future. These often courageous stories are interwoven with unseen financial details as well as the latest scientific insights, in all lavishly illustrated. While being utterly relevant towards landowners and land managers, this publication will also inform governments, planners, design professionals and anyone interested in the future of the countryside. The examples covered also include best practices in terms of policy and governance as well as exemplary cases of contemporary design on historic estates.

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