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New Manor House Centre of the Baltic Sea Region, Greifswald


Herrenhaus Vietgest

In Greifswald, the planned manor house centre of the Baltic Sea region is getting more and more shape. The funds from the federal authorities have already been approved for some time. Now it is up to the implementation of the financial and basic structure.

One of the leading initiators of the centre is the Caspar David Friedrich Institute with the chair of art history of Professor Kilian Heck. Plans include several doctoral positions and the implementation of an all-encompassing digital infrastructure for the documentation and research of still existing and already disappeared mansions as part of a common cultural landscape of the Baltic Sea region.


Herrenhaus Rossewitz.

Partners and input are needed for a perfect start. With this information we would like to call for participation and involvement. Feel free to contact us and give us suggestions, proposals, hints, wishes etc. etc.

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