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25th aniversary celebration

Exhibition – Interviews – Skype and Youtube transmission

European Year for historical gardens 1993-European Year for  Cultural Heritage 2018

 22 november 2018 Lusiada University of Lisbon

The opening of the exhibition, and the Interviews, were atended by :the Diretor of the Research Center CITAD-,University Lusiada of Lisbon ,Professor Reaes Pinto, by the President of the Portugueses Historic Gardens Association, Professror Teresa Andersen, by the Vice President of the Portugueses Landscape Architects Association, Landscape Architect João Ceregeiro , by the Head of the Reserach Project Estejo,Professor Fatima Silva, by the Mentor of the EYHG 25th Aniversary Celebrations ,Landscape Archtect Rodrigo Dias and by the Suport Team of Trainee Achitects,Archit. Rui Seco, Archit. Nadia Cova and Archit. Jeanne Seixas.

Rodrigo Dias, from Lusiada University-Research Center CITAD-( PI ESTEJO-THE RESEARCH PROJECT  OF THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE OF THE  QUINTAS – HISTORIC GARDENS AND LANDSCAPE ESTATES OF LISBON AND THE TAGUS ESTUARY), fulfilled his  dream on November 22, with the opening , of  a retrospective Exhibition of  66 historic gardens from  sixteen European countries, selected in 1993, as Pilot Projects of rehabilitation, by the EU Comission. The exhibition took place in the gardens of the Lusiada University of Lisbon, located in the 18th century Palace of Lazaro Leitão-, facing he Tagus Estuary. The day also counted with a ten hour marathon of interviews and presentaions by professors, landscape architects, authors or managers of the rehabilitation projects, and with Professor  Teresa Andersen who was present in 1993 in Brussels as representative of Portugal, during the selection process of the 66 Gardens as European Pilot Projects. (the video will be available soon in you tube, and facebook)

Rodrigo Dias supervised the works of one  of that gardens, the Quinta Real of Caxias, since then he became deeply  involved in the rehabilitation of Historic Gardens, and aim to built a link between that 66 gardens, that  in 1993, see their future transformed with the requalification projects.

The next steps are: to promote the internationalization of the Exhibition of the 20 panels, during 2019, and to open the exhibition, in as many countries as possible, the goal is to reach all the gardens selected in 1993 the european year for historic gardens, and to show the diversity and beauty of this outstanding heritage. The Organizing Committee, will make available the digital suport of the panels, in english, and with a column to write in another native  language, only need to contact This event is listed in the european year of the cultural heritage 2018.

We already count as our next  exhibition place, with the 18th century garden of ”Laberinto de Horta” in Barcelona, and we hope to open the exhibition in Denmark, Germany , Luxembourg or Poland, were we receive words of  suport to our celebration event. The final step for 2019, is a Conference and Meeting of the delegates of the 66 gardens in November in Lisbon. We are already working in a promotion package, and in a video with the results of the exhibition and interviews , that is going to be available soon in the you tube, and facebook-pi.estejo .

Hope to see you in the Conference and we wait to receive your reaction. Mail us,  we aim for your support.

Make your preparations for LISBON – CONFERENCE- EYGH93 Celebrating  the most beautiful european historic gardens. NOVEMBER 2019

Send us the latest photos of your  selected historic garden in 1993, we are also preparing a book, with the best of the 66 gardens.

See a list of the gardens and countries selected in EYHG1993

We search for a contact of the director, manager or entity of each garden to establish the terms of cooperation ,and to promote tthe exhibition.

For more information or to join the project  contact or visit our facebook PI Estejo.