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Ellys Manor House: Purchase artwork to help finance restoration

Ellys Manor House has been donated seven paintings by artist David Carson Shaw. All proceeds from the sale will go toward the conservation of the early 16th century  wall paintings at Ellys Manor House.

Shaw was inspired to create these paintings during a recent trip to the historic building. He was particularly attracted to the late-medieval wall paintings, which depict trees, leaves and animals.

Built by a member of the Ellys family in the late-15th to early-16th centuries, Ellys Manor House is without doubt one of the country’s most significant historic houses. The architectural language of the building perfectly encapsulates early modern European, British and Hanseatic League history. Today, it is open to the public from Easter until the end of October and continues to inspire those who visit, like it did the painter David Carson Shaw.

Ellys Manor House receives no council or government financial support and
is entirely self-financing. Read more about Ellys Manor House and details about the paintings and purchase