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The estate of Börringekloster, Scania, through the lens of photographer Martin Svensson

A digitized collection of photographs from the Folk life archive at Lund University.


A housemaid in the pantry of Börringekloster

The Folk life archive at Lund University initiate, collect, preserve and visualize part of Sweden’s daily life through personal narration. The collections contain among manuscripts also a large amount of photographs. The collection of photographer Martin Svensson (1887-1951) is accessible on the internet. Martin Svensson worked in the surroundings of the estate Börringekloster in south Scania through his whole life. Many of his pictures shows buildings as well as daily life at the tenancy farms of the estate during the first decades of the 20th century. Also the manor house, its garden and its inhabitants can be found in the collection. Almost 6000 glass plates has been digitized and can be found through our home page – search for “collections”

These photographs are sources of knowledge for both Börringekloster and regarding life at an estate in Sweden more generally. The Folk Life Archive welcomes all researchers to explore this important and perhaps unknown collection.

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