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Danish Manors and Country Houses on Instagram


Hesselagergård Manor

The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies has recently launched an Instagram account named @danishmanorsandcountryhouses. Here the research centre posts images of Danish manors and country houses. The images are accompanied by short texts in English providing basic information about architectural history, style, or ownership.

Currently the account is focusing on the architectural history of Danish manors and country houses. After posting about late medieval manors, renaissance and baroque-houses the account is displaying examples of neoclassical Danish country houses.

The plan is to take up various new themes related to Danish manor and country house culture as the account develops: interior history, personal history, political history etc. – and of course topics related to current research projects undertaken by the centre such as our project regarding the manor household.

With the account The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies hope to promote knowledge about Danish Manors and Country houses not only to a Danish audience but also to an international audience interested in the history of manors and country houses.

We hope that many would like to follow the account and learn more about the Danish manors and country houses.

Nysø Manor


Check out the account here: @danishmanorsandcountryhouses


For further information contact:

For further information about Danish manors and country houses see also:Danske Herregårde (   NB. The mainsite is in Danish but there are also articles and information in English.