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Venue on May 3, Trondhjem Katedralskole, Munkegaten 8, 7013 Trondheim

Date: May 3rd-4th 2018

Venue: Trondhjem Katedralskole, Munkegaten 8, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

Welcome to the Encounter workshop in beautiful Trondheim in beautiful May 2018!





The Workshop

The overall theme for the workshop is CASTLES, MANORS AND RELIGION.

Workshop dinner May 3 at Erkebispegården, Kongsgårds gate 1b, 7013 Trondheim

We are happy to announce our two keynote speakers:

Professor Alexandra Walsham, Cambridge University (

Professor Walsham will give a talk on:

“The Home and household as a site for Catholic and Protestant religious activity” (working title),


Dr. Henrik von Achen, University of Bergen (

Dr. von Achen will give a talk on:

“Changing a visual culture. Practices and practicalities in the centenary following the Reformation in Norway 1537”


Call for contributions

We now invite speakers to contribute on subjects related to the impact of religion, religious practices and religious objects on the cultural practices in manors and castles in Europe.


Central attraction during excursion May 4, The Austrått Manor, Fosen

Practical information

It is also possible to register for the workshop without presenting a paper, but the number of participants is limited.

The workshop will take place in the city of Trondheim on Thursday, May 3, followed by an excursion to Fosen and Austråt manor on Friday, May 4.

Venue on May 3, Trondhjem Katedralskole, Munkegaten 8, 7013 Trondheim:

We recommend arrival in Trondheim on May 2. The excursion on Friday, May 4, will end at ca. 15 PM.

Participants are expected to pay for their travel and stay, and there will be a fee for the workshop dinner on May 3 (details will follow). Lunch on May 3 is covered by the organizers. The excursion (optional) will also be for free.

For signing up and for any questions regarding the workshop, please contact:

Professor Arne Bugge Amundsen: