News and updates from ENCOUNTER

Cultural tourism as a resource for manorial heritage and history.

As a part of the project  “Herregårdene – en europæisk historie” (Rethink Jutlands Manors. The regional heritage in a European perspective.) The Danish Research Center for Manorial Studies is arranging excursions to both European and Danish manors.  The aim is to develop high-quality tours based on professional interpretation within the heritage tourism sector, and to communicate scholarly knowledge of the manors in general and their significance as beacons of international exchange in a historical perspective. The tours are being arranged in a partnership with local partners such as museums, country house owners, tour operators and the regional tourist agency.

In 2016 two excursions are arranged within the region of central Jutland. One tour examines the connections past and present between the manor and the surrounding churches, and another offers a diverse ‘inside look’ at some of the unique manors in the region. In 2017 a two-day trip to the lesser known and “forgotten” manors of West Jutland with an overnight stay at the most prominent manor of the region, Nørre Vosborg, currently a hotel and conference center.

For a European perspective, we’re working together with Cultours for at 5-day trip to Berlin, Potsdam and northern Germany. International influence have often reached Denmark through Germany – not least through the elite culture of noble and bourgeois manor house owners. We will offer a look into the Prussian palaces in Potsdam and Berlin, among these Sans Souci and Charlottenburg, as well as some of the notable manor houses throughout Germany. In our visits we will follow German history and compare architecture, interiors, décor and fashion to Danish examples.

In 2017, we’re planning several new excursions to palaces and manor houses in other parts of Europe.