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Large visitor campaign: Manor houses of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


Mooste manor house, Estonia
Photo: Martin Siplane

Castle and manor associations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are busy preparing a visitor campaign for the summer 2018 celebrating centennial anniversaries of the independence of the three Baltic countries. About 100 historic manor houses in three countries are going to open doors to the visitors as a joint event. The aim is to visualize the significant density of manor network in these countries; local similarities and differences.

The legacy of the former noble complexes is unique due to political, national and cultural contradictions. These are important historical economic complexes, the sites of architectural and cultural glory; birthplaces of well-known world explorers, artists, writers, scientists, etc.; witnesses of rank society as well as important elements in restoration of the independent State of Lithuania and establishing the statehood of Estonia and Latvia.

In 2018 we are also celebrating the European Cultural Heritage Year. The project is dedicated to the many individuals and institutions working with the strong mission to safeguard this unique heritage.

Visitors are expected from May 24th till Sept 16th. More detailed information is following soon.


Aristaveles manor house, Lithuania

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