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Five times Castle and Manors of Hald – an EU project contest

The Danish Nature Agency is during this contest trying to find convincing suggestions for making 800 years building of castles and manor houses around Hald Sø (south of Viborg) visible in connection to the landscape and connected to the title landscape architectural unified whole and a tale that talks clear to a broad modern public.

The winner of the contest is invited to tender, after a negotiation, and the final winner will through an agreement of an all-inclusive contract with the Nature department, have the opportunity to concretize and carry out his proposal inside a financial frame of 37 million Danish kroner excluding taxes and costs.

The project is developed in co-operation between The Danish Culture Agency, The Danish Nature Agency, The municipality of Viborg and the Society of the Five times Hald, in the effort to boost the experience of the history of civilization and the nature in the territory. The project will be carried out with support from A.P. Møller and Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond for public purpose.

A detailed description of the commission will be found in the contest programme (in Danish) published on the website:





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