ENCOUNTER publication: Estate landscapes in Northern Europe

Manor Scheltkema Nijenstein in Groningen, The Netherlands

First ENCOUNTER Publication will be Published in 2019


Title: Estate Landscapes in Northern Europe
Editors: Dr. Jonathan Finch, Reader in Historical Archaeology at the University of York and Dr. Mikael Frausing and MA Kristine Dyrmann, The Danish Centre of Manorial Research at Gammel Estrup The Danish Manor Museum
Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag (Aarhus University Press)
Anthology Contributors:
◦ Arne Bugge Amundsen, Professor/Dean, University of Oslo, Norway
◦ Carsten Porskrog Rasmussen, Head Curator, Sønderborg Castle/Hon. Prof. Aarhus University, Denmark
◦ Daniel Menning, Seminar für Neuere Geschichte, University of Tübingen, Germany
◦ Göran Ulväng, Associate professor, Uppsala University, Sweden
◦ Jonathan Finch, Senior Lecturer, University of York, UK
◦ Mikkel Venborg Pedersen, Senior Curator, Danish National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
◦ Yme Kuiper, Professor of Historic Country Houses and Estates, University of Groningen, Netherlands


Rosendal, Norway, 1705, by Hans Sager

Northern European society and landscapes have been structured by the presence of estates and country houses since they emerged from the end of the medieval period. The impact they have had on shaping the cultural landscape of the modern era is considerable, but often overlooked. This is the first volume to focus on the role of the estate landscapes in northern Europe, a region which had strong cultural and economic connections from the seventeenth century, but which has been neglected by academics. However, trade connections across the North Sea and the Baltic Sea between northern neighbors promoted and sustained important connections between a group of emerging nation states.

This first comparative study of the region draws attention to significant similarities, differences, chronologies and characters which sheds new light on the creation of the modern landscape in Europe. ‘Estate Landscapes in Northern Europe’ is the first publication written by and published by the ENCOUNTER Network, and it is due to be released at the beginning of 2019.




Nordborg, Denmark


The edited volume is to be divided into 9 chapters covering the estate landscape characteristics across the Northern European region.

The book is to be published as a peer reviewed Open Access online publication, as well as a printed edited volume.

The chapters have been collected from a successful series of conferences held by ENCOUNTER at Gammel Estrup, Denmark (2015), York, UK (2016), Uppsala, Sweden (2017), Gammel Estrup (2017) and Trondheim, Norway (2018).